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Ivation 6-LED Battery Operated Motion Sensing Table Lamp

by Ivation
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Color: White
  • 6 Long-Life LEDs: Banish the Dark w/Combined Total of 60 Lumens
  • Flexible Power Options: Insert 3 AA Batteries or Connect a DC 5V Adapter (Adapter NOT Included)
  • Selectable Dual Zones: Light Up the Body (for Soft Light), the Shade (stronger Light) , or Both Zones (for Maximum Lighting)
  • Energy Efficient: Run it Up to 48 Continuous Hours (Max) on Batteries
  • Selectable Light Modes: Control it Manually or Set it into Automatic

    Light the BODY, SHADE, or BODY+ SHADE. Now you can have your light your way. Want a softer light for sleeping or resting? Turn on the shade only. Want a stronger light for reading and conversing? Turn on the body only. Want a bright light source for a wide variety of applications? Turn on the body and the shade. A switch on the bottom of the lamp lets you easily toggle between the zones. As far as brightness levels go, the shade itself puts out 40 lumens while the body itself puts out 20 lumens. When turned on together, this lamp puts out 60 lumens total. Set it to auto mode for motion sensing. When you toggle the side switch into automatic, you're firing up the integrated light and motion sensors. These automatically control the lamp's response to its intelligent reading of your lighting needs: Only when sensing motion - within the range of 110° x 90° and up to 4 meters in distance - in the dark, the lamp will activate its LED array. The light will remain on until approximately 15 seconds after all motion has ceased. Battery or Cord Operated. This compact and surprisingly lightweight dual zone lamp becomes even more portable when you choose to power it with 3 size AA batteries (not included). And thanks to the LEDs' high energy efficiency, the lamp shines on for many hours on one set: Up to 48 continuous hours in SHADE mode, up to 22 continuous hours in BODY mode, and up to 18 continuous hours in SHADE + BODY mode. Want to set it and forget it? Connect a standard 5-volt DC power adapter (not included), and never worry about any batteries. Specifications Batteries: 3 x Size AA (Not Included) DC Power: 5V (not Included) Time Delay: 15 Seconds (±5 seconds) Brightness: Shade, 40 Lumens: Body, 20 Lumens: Combined, 60 Lumens