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Making RV travel a breeze

Let the air flow with the Hike Crew™ 14" Manual RV Roof Vent Fan with 3 Speeds. Don’t stay in your RV with stuffy, unbreathable air. Install the roof vent fan and let the stale air out or let fresh air come in. Travel in your RV with friends and family knowing your air is circulating the way it should. This roof vent fan airs out your RV removing odors and smells from the comfort of your vehicle.

Installation is a breeze. Place the fan in the RV sunroof opening, connect the wires, and let the ventilating begin. Set the fan speed so you get the desired air flow you want. Turn the switch so air flows out of the RV or change it so fresh air comes in. In case of rain or other harsh weather, you can close the sunroof of the fan. Don’t let anything in you don’t want to. Even when the sunroof is open, the stainless steel screen lets sunlight in while keeping bugs and other debris out. Those who like cooking, sleeping, and relaxing in their RV will definitely be a fan of this device!


Control your air – Built-in knob helps you control when goes out or comes in

3 fan speeds – Choose between three different fan speeds for any situation

Keeps bugs out – Stainless-steel screen blocks insects and other debris

Well ventilated – Keeps your air fresh and cool for all your RV trips

Weather protection – Sunroof shade guards against sun rays and other weather conditions