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  • Includes microphone (headset), auxiliary cord (for connecting smartphone, tablet, or other MP3 player,) drumsticks, and playmat
  • Clear quality sound with adjustable volume, and good connection cables for the microphone and attached device
  • 2 modes: drum mode - drum solo or along with connected device, and a mode to play along with built-in songs
  • 8 built-in melodies
  • Can be used as karaoke with the included microphone

Features: Automatic power off system, Touch sensitive playmat, 2 modes to select from: 1) Drum mode, and 2) Play along mode with built-in songs, Plug in external music device and play your favorite tunes, Adjustable volume, 8 built-in melodies. Can be used as Karaoke with the accompaning microphone! Included: Drum playmat, Drumsticks, Headset microphone, Connecting auxiliary cable. Not included: 4 AA batteries, Screwdriver to open battery compartment.


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