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The Ivation Self-Inflating Mat is perfect for Camping or any Outdoor use, It inflates or Deflates with a turn of a Knob, And rolls into a small Bundle for Carrying or Storage, The Mat does not need Power to Inflate, No Blowing or Pumping, Unroll and turn the Knob, and in Minutes its Ready for a Comfortable Night's Sleep
Sleeps Big, Folds Small, This addition is Lightweight and Folds Small, and you can easily fix Small Tears and Punctures with the Included PVC Repair Kit.

  • Inflates & Deflates Fast with the Turn of a Knob, No Pump or Mouth Blowing
  • Rolls up into a Small Bundle for Compact Storage and Easy Transport
  • Compression Straps Attached/Included for Easy Hook and Loop
  • Puncture & Abrasion resistant, Cold resistant (up to 16F) and Waterproof
  • Built in Pillow, Great for Backpackers, Campers, Hikers, or Indoor use

Large Mat W/ Arm Rest: Inflated Dim. 84"x36"x2" – Deflated Dim. 25”X 6” – Weight: 4 LBS

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