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This Router connects to the Internet using a hard wired connection or by a wireless mobile USB dongle from a 3G Internet service provider such as AT&T, T-Mobile, ect Designed for true portability This compact router connects to the Internet anywhere there is a 3G mobile connection. You can also capture a long range signal with the AWUS036H high power 1w USB adapter and rebroadcast it as a new WI-FI signal to share with all of you wifi enabled devices.

Do you live in an area where Hi-Speed Cable or DSL are not an option? Would you like to create your own Wi-Fi Hotspot anywhere? Alfa introduces its new 3G Modem Router to allow you to get Hi-Speed internet Access anywhere you get a cellular signal. Simply insert your 3G modem USB into the router and you are all set. 

* High Speed Data Rates Providing faster data rates of up to 150Mbps and is compatible with legacy 802.11b/g equipment
* Advanced Robust Security - Firewall with SPI to protect the internal host from hacker attacks. Wireless security is comprehensive and included WPA/WPA2 PSK
* WDS, Dual SSIDs, Static Routing, QoS and more

* Security: Access Control Policy - MAC filter - DMZ Host - SSID Broadcast disable - Wireless MAC address Filtering - WEP Encryption - WPA-/W PA2-PSK (Pre-shared Key) - WPA/W PA2 Enterprise mode (802.1x) - WiFi Protected Setup (WPS)
* Shares high speed cable/xDSL Internet connection - Static Routing - VPN Pass through - NATP - 802.11e WMM - IGMP Proxy - Dual SSIDs - T
* Dimensions: 93 x 70 x 26mm
* Weight: 74g
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