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  • Soft and Safe Polyethylene Foam Soaks Up and Then Re-Radiates Body Heat
  • Luxurious Fleece Cover Provides Superior Comfort While Helping Trap Warmth
  • Wide Variety of Sizes Available to Fit Every Pet - From Gerbils to Great Danes
  • Low-Maintenance Design Clean Easy with Soap and Water to Eliminate Odors
  • Quality Materials and Construction Guarantee Years of Happy Pets & Owners

    A self-warming bed for your best friend.Those long cold nights are a thing of the past thanks to Jumbl's Pet Warming Mat. Lined with a decadent fleece cover, the mat's polyethylene core soaks up your pet's natural body heat and returns it back to them in a constant cycle, keeping them warm and comfortable on even the coldest nights. Easy to clean and available in a number of convenient sizes, this self warming mat is the perfect addition to any pet owner's home. Pamper your pet with the best night's sleep ever enjoyed - and you'll sleep better too.Luxuriously Soft Core From the moment your pets lay down of the mat, the high-quality polyethylene foam soaks up their body heat and returns it right back to them. After a day of playing catch or batting balls of yarn, a good night's sleep is the best care ever.Fit for an Alpha Dog Why should humans get all the comfort? Our self-warming pet mat transforms any cold kennel, crate or pallet into a sumptuous feast for the senses, with rich fleece cradling your pet as they slip off into a warm, safe, and highly comfortable sleep.No Pet Left Behind With our small (14" x 22"), medium (21" x 31"), and large (32" x 48") mat sizes, we're out to make sure no pet is left in the cold. Got an adorable baby bunny rabbit with velvet-soft floppy ears? A pet tiger, perhaps? We've got you covered.Low-Maintenance Care As a pet owner you know how pet odors stink... Our self-warming pet mat makes cleaning a total breeze: Simply wash the foam core with soap and water. It's so simple, your Cocker Spaniel could do it, depending on how well trained she is :-)Built to Last and Last At Jumbl we proudly stand behind our products, which are always crafted of high-quality materials for many years of happy use. Your purchase is protected by a one-year warranty, so you can buy and use our pet mat with peace of mind.

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