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  • Never make a perspective mistake again
  • An invaluable tool for artists who use lots of angles
  • Great for the Plein Air artist
  • The blue color neutralizes colors you see so that you are able to concentrate solely on lines and values
  • Includes a soft, 5"x6" plastic travel case

    Using traditional perspective drawing methodology, John Pike created this easy to hold machine to make drawing easier than ever to accomplish. It allows you to transfer the angles that you see in front of you directly to your paper by looking through the viewfinder. How to Use it:1. Grid your canvas like the viewing grid.2.Hold the machine at arm's length in front of the subject.3. Place the magnetic steel strips around key subject matter to aid in viewing. Use the magnet bars to match the angles.4. Transfer those angles to your paper using the grid. The blue color neutralizes the colors you see so that you can concentrate solely on the lines and values. Magnetic strips hold securely to the magnetic frame Comes with a soft, 5"x6" plastic travel case.

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