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  • Convenient size will fit right in your art supply bag for travel
  • Works on any fabric and carpet and even car interiors
  • Also removes a myriad of other substances including blood, make-up and grass stains
  • Directions: Wet stain with water, and work Kiss Off into the stain with a paper towel underneath. Rinse well
  • Before you throw it away, try Kiss-Off®

    Kiss-Off® Stain Remover removes stains on the spot. It is unique because it needs just water to remove tough stains - no harmful fumes or liquid to spill. Its convenient size makes it handy to take along anywhere a stain might find you. Non-Toxic, non-flammable, no fumes, no odors. This is not just a concentrated detergent/laundry stick. Kiss-Off® is known for removing old and stubborn stains as well. So, before you throw it away, try Kiss-Off®. Kiss-off Stain Remover will remove virtually any stain. Removes: Wet and Dry Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint, Tempera Paint, Pencil marks, Lipstick, Make-up, Baby Spots, Wine, Grass Stains, Blood, Coffee, Pet Stains and Grease. Test for color fastness or discoloration in an area that does not show. How to use Kiss-Off® Stain Remover: 1) Wet stain with water. Apply Kiss-Off® and work into stain. 2) Place paper towel or cloth under stained fabric to blot the stain through the fabric. 3) Rinse well. More than one application may be necessary.

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