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Artist Paint Removal 40 Pre-moistened Wipes

by SkyMall
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  • Disposable wipes make cleanup easy for any medium paint: acrylic, watercolor, oil, gouache, etc.
  • No need for water or turpentine
  • Minimum effort required
  • Pack along when traveling or plein air painting. Keep on hand in the studio for drips, spills and splatters
  • Will clean your brushes, palette, hands, wet varnish, glass, wood and more

    From the artist Brand you trust. Soho Urban Artist pre-moistened wipes cleans all mediums of paint, oil and wet varnish off just about any surface. Can be used on hands, old finish, and even wood. Besides, the wipes can remove dried acrylic from smooth surfaces. No need for soap or hard solvents like turpentine. For the professional artist with no time for cleanup. Simply toss in the waste bin when you're done wiping. No special disposal necessary. Can also be used to clean grease, oil, scuff marks and adhesive residue.