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  • ADVANCED WEIGHT LOSS - A powerful fat burner that targets fat cells without losing muscle mass, you'll melt away unwanted pounds around your midsection, love handles and problem areas for a tight, toned core.
  • ENHANCED MOOD & FOCUS - Tackle workouts and diet goals with improved clarity thanks to potent, proven ingredients guaranteed to help you push through your weight loss with maximum effort and results.
  • SLIMMER, TIGHTER CORE - Backed by green tea leaf extract, raspberry ketones and green coffee bean, you'll get the beach body and rock hard abs you've been dreaming about by targeting fat deposits in your troubled areas.
  • APPETITE SUPPRESSANT - Enjoy the alertness and focus to accomplish your daily fitness tasks, while also reducing your cravings and curbing your appetite. This means less fast food, late night snacking and unhealthy meals.
  • GUARANTEED RESULTS- If you don't lose weight faster and more effectively than ever before, we'll give you your money back no questions asked. Every order is backed by a 100% Customer Satisfaction guarantee.

    Burn fat and preserve muscle with a powerful weight loss supplement that targets your problem areas without slowing your muscle-building progress. Specially Formulated To: Burn fat Maintain muscle mass Enhance focus and mood Diet and exercise alone are not always enough to melt away unwanted fat around your thighs, midsection, butt and arms. That's why you need Body's Choice Nitro Shred, a powerful fat burner and appetite suppressant that targets troubled areas, improves your focus and mood, and preserves your healthy muscle. Powerful and Effective Crafted in a GMP facility using premium-grade fat-burning ingredients like Garcinia, Green Coffee Bean, Green Tea Extract and Raspberry Ketones, your rapid weight loss supplement fortifies your metabolism and ramps up your natural thermogenic rate to burn fat faster than ever before. And without the ill side effects of diet pills or fad diets, you'll be more alert and more focused at home, work and the gym. Premium Ingredients: Nitro Shred is made with premium ingredients to ensure quality results. Non-habit forming and free of fillers, binders and banned substances, our formula fortifies your diet and exercise plans with trusted support. Click 'Add to Cart' now to start burning off fat and revealing a toned, muscular core with a powerful fat burner and appetite suppressant in Nitro Shred. Body's Choice MissionBody's Choice is committed to raising the bar in helping health-conscious men and women achieve their goals of good health, fitness and nutrition. As dietary supplements are very complex products, we are passionate about this responsibility. All our ingredients are pure, potent, and proven, and created in the U.S. in our GMP-certified labs. Whether you are a dedicated athlete, fitness enthusiast, or someone who simply wants to improve your overall wellbeing, we hope you will make us your Body's Choice.

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