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  • Blend
  • Forget knots, ties or fasteners none are required! Go from sun to fun! A cover up & a dress in one!
  • Pack of 6 pairs, with different beautiful colors, as pictured.
  • The look is stunning & timeless, with a crossover effect
  • Put arms through opposite loops and you are done!
  • A stylish sarong one minute, casual beach dress the next! Saress effortlessly wraps into a casual dress to slip over a bathing suit. No knots, ties or fasteners...go from sand to land in seconds! Unique anti-static fabric dries in seconds and drapes perfectly to flatter any figure. Forget knots, ties or fasteners none are required. Loop at 2 corners so you simply slip the Saress around your back, thread opposite arms through the loops for an easy elegant flattering beach cover up in seconds

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