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  • Get salon results at home
  • Frees up both hands to style, clip, roll spray and more
  • Adjusts up and down for perfect angling
  • Includes 3 built-in suction cups
  • Affixes to mirrors, tiles, vanity door or other non-porous surfaces.

Now you can dry and style your hair with both hands with our hands free hair dryer holder. Complete with 3 built-in suction cups, our hair dryer holder frees up both hands so you can style, clip, roll spray and more! You can even reach behind to get a complete style. The holder adjusts up and down to give the the perfect angle desired. It's easy to mount on any flat surface with the 3 built-in suctions cups. Place on a mirror, tiles, vanity door or any other non porous surface. Easy to take down when your done. Compact enough for travel. Ideal space saver too, no more bulky stands that get in your way.

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