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  • Regular: 38" long x 4" diameter
  • Large: 36" long x 5 3/4" dia
  • Absorbs 10 times its weight
  • Air dry to reuse;

    Quick - what's the biggest moisture problem area in your home? Just as quickly, this yard-long water snake moisture absorber will dry it up. All-natural material of water absorbing snake absorbs 10 times its weight; fabric casing conforms to any shape. Air dry to reuse window moisture absorber. Regular snake water absorbers: 38" long x 4"dia. Large snake: 36" long x 5 3/4"dia. Regular snake weighs 0.66 Lbs; at its most absorbent, it'll weigh 6.6 Lbs. Large snake weighs 1.7 Lbs; at its most absorbent, it'll weigh 17 Lbs.

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