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  • Heavy duty metal wire construction with a polished chrome finish.
  • Stacks Neater and Higher
  • Adds a Rich Touch to Your Closet
  • Set of 4

    Put an end to closet clutter with attractive Chrome Shelf Dividers. Keep stacks of sweaters, T shirts, towels and more neat, organized and easily accessible. Used like bookends, each sturdy shelf divider stands on it's own - spread them out as far apart or as close together as needed. So easy to use, Chrome Shelf Dividers simply slip over the front edge of any shelf measuring 1" thick or less. Closet Shelf Dividers are designed in an attractive chrome grid, and measure 13" high by 13"deep each. Chrome Shelf Dividers as one of the best, most economical closet storage solutions available. Includes Set of 4

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