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Retro Aluminum Pitcher

by Jumbl
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  • Sure to brighten any BBQ, picnic or meal
  • Recalls simpler times
  • Sturdy, non-breakable aluminum
  • Hand wash
  • 80oz
  • Cool and refreshing as a tall gin fizz in July of 1961! "Retro Chic," but functional and practical. This Anodized Aluminum Pitcher shines with bright jewel colors to perk up your patio or picnic lunch! Plus, they make a really colorful cocktail hour. The 5 5/8" diam., 7 3/4" h. blue Pitcher has an 82-oz. (approx. 2 1/2-qt.) capacity and is perfect for lemonade to daquiris. It even makes ice water more fun! Color is the spice of life... get these beauties ONLINE now! AVAILABLE SEPARATELY: Set of 6 Anodized Aluminum Tumblers or Aluminum Bowls - word search in our Store for 'Aluminum Tumblers/Bowls'. Anodized Aluminum Pitcher, Blue