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  • Provides uniform controlled heating for gas stove tops.
  • Constructed of aluminum steel
  • Changes your pan into a double burner
  • Special air pockets
  • High Quality Heat Diffuser Maintains Perfect Simmering & Slow Cooking On Every Cooking Surface

    Our Incredible 8" Disc Heat Master Flame Tamer Fits on Any Burner and Won't Allow Expensive Cheese Sauces, Broths, Gravies or Chocolate To Burn, Water Doesn't Boil Over And Egg Won't Stick. Any Cookware Acts like The Expensive Non-Stick Cookware! Special Air Pocket Design Changes Your Pan Into A Double Burner. Each Measures 8" Diameter And Works On All Cooking Appliances: Gas, Electric, Glass, Ceramic, Halogen Stoves, On Coil Rings, Solid Plate Elements, Barbecue, Camping & Marine Stoves, Etc., Ideal To Prepare Casseroles, Rice, Stews, Curries, Sauces Jams, Sweets, Soup, Custards Or Keep Drinks Hot Without Boiling.

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