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  • comfortably carries any size of camera and lens combination - 1 camera carrying design
  • secure camera locking system, with instant release
  • Side Holster plus Waist Belt - all-in-one-design!
  • Shoulder Strap features sliding Safety Tether for ultimate protection
  • integrated pouch for accessories or small lens

    This belt system allows for secure support of one camera on the included Side Holster. This is our most comfortable, stable side-carrying solution yet. The Side Holster is made of durable 1680 Denier Polypropylene fitted with a Lexan camera receptacle. The system includes: one (1) Regular Camera Hub one (1) Shoulder Strap with Sliding Safety Tether one (1) Small Accessory / Lens Pouch (built-in) Our new design! The Side Holster is now integrated into our exciting revamped Waist Belt. We also include our restyled Shoulder Strap with integrated Sliding Safety Tether. Plus, the Waist Belt includes a small pouch to store your accessories or spare lens. Good for all cameras, DSLRs down to mirrorless systems. Note: The belt is 44" in length. Kindly confirm that this will be the right fit for you.

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