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  • Designed to work with all cameras; full-bodied pro cameras, cameras with battery grips, or regular sized
  • Rugged neoprene and nylon construction for dependability
  • Touch fastener locking strap quickly and securely adjusts to fit hands of all sizes
  • Large neoprene pad, Rubber gasket base plate
  • Hard anodized hub that connects to the tripod mounting hole

    The Cotton Carrier Camera System involves moving parts that must be maintained periodically. Install and tighten the Camera Insert as TIGHTLY AS POSSIBLE, as this is what keeps your camera securely attached to your Cotton Carrier. Check it until you are satisfied it is not loosening through the turning action of the camera. As well as confirming the condition of both the camera insert and camera receiver for any signs of wear or damage, keep both the Lexan Camera Receptacle and Camera Insert clean and free of any grit and debris, and clean it regularly as you would with any camera component. Includes mounting hardware.

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