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  • Designed to work with all cameras (full-bodied pro cameras, cameras with battery grips, or regular sized)
  • Can be configured with or without the rubber gasket to fit any camera (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Minolta, etc.)
  • The Velcro locking strap quickly, and securely adjusts to fit hands of all sizes
  • The large neoprene pad hugs your hand providing you with a rock solid grip on your SLR
  • Rugged construction for dependability

    A neoprene and nylon strap made only for people who already have a Cotton Carrier system. It is designed to fit any SLR camera body, full-bodied pro camera, camera with battery grip, or regular size camera. It can also work with tripod-plate bracketed cameras. * DOES NOT work with cameras that don't have a bottom camera strap slot!

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