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  • Made in the USA
  • Heavy duty medical wrap for customized support wherever you need it

    Nelmed Wraps are known for maintaining superior comfort during prolonged use. This lightweight wrap lives up to its reputation by providing comfortable, customized support that won't bunch or irritate skin. Perfect for both acute and chronic injuries, use this extra long wrap to secure small-sized CorPak (sold on pages 14 & 15) for hot/cold therapy. Combine compression with heat therapy to help increase blood flow to sore spots; cold therapy to help reduce swelling. Helping protect and prevent injuries doesn't get easier than this; simply wrap and go. Comfortable enough to wear every day at work, play or any activity that contributes to strain. With 30 inches (70cm) of high quality elastic, the Nelmed Multi-Use Wrap helps secure even the most swollen and sensitive ankles, knees, wrists or elbows with warm, stabilizing support. Convenient hook and loop eliminates need for clumsy metal clips. One size fits all. Machine washable.

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