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Size:iOS Devices - Shutter w/Tripod

Ivation Tripod Mount + RF Remote Control Kit for iOS Devices

There is only so much you can so with your iPhone or iPad's camera when you are restricted to holding the device in your hand. Want more maneuverability? Check out Ivation's hands-off photography kit for iOS devices. It includes a sturdy tripod mount to secure and hold your device in place, and an RF shutter remote to control the camera, video and voice record apps. Now you can roam free and go on a recording spree.

The tripod mount is designed to retrofit your everyday camera tripod for use with your camera-carrying smartphone. For all iOS devices, including iPhone (3GS+), iPad (2+), iPad Mini and iPod Touch (4th Generation+), the RF remote offers plug-and-play control over a range of 10 meters of open space. The remote needs no app download or settings change. Used together, these two smart solutions introduce more fun, more flexibility, and more functionality to photography, videography and good-old voice recording.

Two buttons on the remote correspond to apps on your iOS device. The camera button snaps photos when the iDevice is in camera mode, and turns video recording on and off when set to video capture. The microphone button on the remote starts/stops voice recording when the voice record app in on.

  • Kit includes both Ivation HandyHold and Ivation SharpShutter
  • Secure device for stable, professional-grade photography
  • Set up iDevice perfectly then use remote for hands-off operation
  • Control camera, video and voice record functions from 10 meters away
  • Enjoy the artistic freedom of no-frills self photography
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