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DEWAY Siphon Manual Transfer Pump, Portable High Flow Hand Pump with 10 ft. Hose, Transfer Gas, Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Oil, Water Liquid, Easy Hand Squeeze Suction for, Vehicles, Fish Tank & More

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  • SIPHON ANYTHING IN SECONDS | Easy Multipurpose Manual Transfer Pump Allows You to Fill & Empty Liquid in All Kinds of Tanks, Containers, Receptacles & Barrels Without Electricity or Batteries Required | For a Variety of Industries & Applications Including Automotive, Marine, Lawn, Aquariums, Generators, Watercrafts, Etc.
  • WIDE LIQUID COMPATIBILITY | Universal Hose is Made of Highly Durable Polyethylene Plastic with Resistance to Rust, Corrosion & Chemical Weathering | Compatible with Gasoline, Kerosene, Diesel, Non-Potable Water, Deodorants, Antifreeze, Washer Fluid, Thinner, Toluene & Chemical/Agricultural Insecticides
  • SIMPLE SQUEEZE OPERATION | All You Need is a Quick Hold & Release of the Bulb to Get Things Moving—No Mouth Siphoning! | To Transfer Liquid, Insert Suction Pipe Into Supply Container, Place Drain Spout Into Receiving Container & Squeeze for Fast 1.1 Gallon Per Minute Flow | To Stop Suction, Just Lift Pump Out of Supply Tank
  • FLEXIBLE NO-KINK CONSTRUCTION | Heavy Duty Hand Pump Features a 10’ High-Quality Hose with Stretchy, Bendable Design that Keeps its Shape Once Placed Into Desired Position—Great for Siphoning in Tight Spaces & Hard-to-Reach Locations | Slim Nozzle Makes it Easy to Move Liquid Without Messy Drips or Spills
  • CONVENIENT PORTABLE DESIGN | Our High-Quality Device is Built to Last Many Years of Anytime, Anywhere Siphoning Action | Keep it in Your Trunk, Garage, Shop, Scrapyard, Toolkit, Shed or Closet for Quick, Clean, Dependable Liquid Transfer | Great for Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Lawn Mowers, Snowblowers, Etc.

Details: Tired of money down the drain? Siphon like a pro with this multipurpose Manual Transfer Pump from Deway. Easy squeeze activation has you transferring all kinds of gas, oil, water, and other liquids without the hassle of heavy hoses, expensive batteries, or power hookups. Thanks to good old-fashioned gravity, our high-speed siphon delivers a powerful 1.1 gallon per minute flow with a simple squeeze. Just place the suction pipe into the supply container, position the drain spout into any receptacle, give the bulb a pump, and watch liquid move instantly. Whether you’re changing tank water, filling a generator, emptying lawn equipment, or storing your motorcycle for the season, this all-purpose device gets the job done faster—and safer—than siphoning by mouth (and other transfer methods). Conserve fuel, and never spill a drop! Add a Manual Transfer Pump from Deway to your cart today! The handiest hose ever Siphoning liquid can be messy, time-consuming—even dangerous. But with the Deway Manual Transfer Pump, moving gas, oil, and other fluids is made fast and simple. Our speedy system features an extra-long bendable suction hose, slim, durable nozzle, and hand-operated pump. Connect your two containers, give it a good squeeze, and let the liquid flow! Swift Transfer Enjoy a fast, consistent flow at the rate of 1.1 gallons per minute. Perfect for small transfer jobs at home or in the shop.  Flexible Hose Its stretchy, moldable design allows you to easily siphon liquids in and around odd-shaped equipment and tight work spaces.  XL Squeeze Bulb Skip the scary mouth siphoning! Our easy-grip operation gets things flowing with a safe, simple squeeze.