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  • Unique front access design-simply pull the handle on the front of the machine for easy access to the water and coffee filter
  • The Aroma button function time-releases water to saturate coffee grounds a little at a time to extract a fuller flavor; the result is a more full-bodied cup of coffee
  • Wake up to the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee with the 24-hour programmable digital timer and 2-hour auto shut-off
  • 12-cup capacity
  • Durable and long lasting permanent gold-tone filter is specially designed to keep even the finest grounds out of coffee
  • Complete frontal access allows you to easily fill water tank and ground coffee filter without moving the unit. Special time-release process saturates the grounds a little at a time to extract the best flavor and aroma from your coffee. Permanent gold-tone filter keeps even the finest grounds out of your coffee. Number of Cups: 12.

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