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Grilling off the grid

Take your campfire cooking to new heights with this convenient stovetop appliance from Hike Crew™. Designed to work without any electricity, this handy unit allows you to connect your own propane gas cylinder and get the convenience of stovetop sautéing, frying, and grilling, no matter where your travels take you. 

Each individual burner has its own igniter and adjustable heat dial, giving you individualized control over the flame, and the connected griddle gives you the freedom to cook up flapjacks, bacon, burgers, and so much more! The lid and sides fold up to create a unique windscreen that prevents the elements from blowing out your stovetop flame and shields your cooking from dirt and debris. A standard-issue gas regulator and hose are included with your purchase, so all you need to provide is your own propane.

Keep serving up delicious meals, even when you’re off the grid!

Cooking while camping, Take this high-performance stove in nature so you can cook delicious food in the outdoors

Convenient design – Compact and portable so you can cook anywhere

Craft grilled food, Includes a griddle for making eggs, bacon, and more

Designed to block the wind, Built with side panels to create three-sided windshield so you can cook without worry

Easily turn up the heat, Comes with adjustable burners for efficient cooking