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  • Metal pet gate with door
  • Gate swings open in both directions.
  • Measures 21½" in height and adjusts from 35 1/2" to 44" wide
  • Expandable Metal Pet Gate with doorway access. SAVE BIG! This attractive all-metal Gate firmly locks into place to keep your dog contained. And when it's OK for your pooch to pass through the Gate, there's an easy-to-use latched doorway, so you don't have to keep messing with moving the whole thing! It'll do it's job for your pet while not being an eyesore to you and your guests. Attractive all-metal construction with scroll accents; Gate's door swings in both directions; For indoor and outdoor use; 13" x 13" door latches closed; 21.5"h. and adjusts from 35.5" to 44" wide. Order today!Expandable Metal Pet Gate

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