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  • 3-axis gimbal for GoPro
  • Removable handle for customization
  • Compatible with GoPro Hero 4 & 5
  • Can be mounted to many GoPro mounts


The Freevision Vilta is a 3-axis gimbal designed to work with GoPro cameras and provide outstanding stability in a compact and customizable package. The Gimbal has an ergonomic handle with controls for the camera and gimbal and a large battery that powers the gimbal AND the GoPro (with appropriate cables.) The gimbal can also be used without the handle, and mounted directly to a GoPro mount for stable video with hands free operation.


  • Easy & Quick release 2 in 1 Wearable & Handheld Gimbal design
  • Compatible & Mountable with GoPro 4 & 5 Accessories
  • Two 1/4"-20 Mounting Threads for Tripod
  • Patented Auto-Calibration for Ease of use open box experience
  • Smart Axis Lock mechanism for easy Storage & protection
  • Special Power Supply adapter to charge Gopro Cameras
  • Double SBS (Smart Battery System), up to 6 hrs & wearable up to 1.5 hrs
  • 2 USB Charging Port, one each on Wearable and Handheld gimbal
  • Optional Handle for purchase as additional Battery Backup
  • 360° Infinite Pan Rotation, Selfie/ Panoramic Mode
  • Pair with Gopro Camera to control recording directly from gimbal
  • Customized Camera frame for protection with Quick-Release secured fastener
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Fixed Axes and Pan/Tilt and Following Modes
  • App Experience ( Real-Time Video Output, Remote Control, Monitoring, Subject Follow, Mode Shift, Parameter Setting, Firmware Upgrade, etc..)

Note! Gopro in product images shown for example only. GoPro camera not included

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