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  • Built of carbon fiber heating element ensures unique resistance and strength , and thanks to the emission of infrared waves , it has healing properties
  • The multi-level control of the western belt enables precise adjustment of the size
  • The sealed battery case gives every day user comfort
  • The thermo-active material ensures rapid dissipation of moisture and has biostatic properties , whereby the work of the heating system is promoted
  • The heater was placed at the front of the vest , which guarantees a uniform heat distribution

    Heated clothing is a unique solution that makes it possible to maintain the thermal comfort even on the coldest days . The Glovii products are distinguished by the applied carbon fibers thanks to the emission of infrared waves have a beneficial effect on blood circulation . The Glovii clothing was designed for athletes , especially for athletes who play a winter sport . It is also the ideal solution for motorcyclists , construction workers , hunters , photographers or elderly . Technical specifications: *Battery: each Power Bank (not included) *Radiator : 9W - carbon fiber *the heater was placed at the front of the vest *Modes of operation: 33 % (LO) , 66 % (MED) , 100 % (HI) *Working time: 10000mAh power bank - 33 % (15h) , 66 % (10h) , 100 % (5h) *Fabric : outer : nylon , Lining: Polyester * Sizes : UNI * Weight without batteries : 290g

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