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  • EPIC Pro works with almost all DSLR cameras
  • Trigger EPIC Pro remotely or manually
  • Rechargeable battery pack included

    Innovation from the leader in gigapixel imaging, the GigaPan Epic Pro Robotic Gigapixel Camera Mount features advanced technology and excellent design for outstanding performance and beautiful results. Capture phenomenal depth and clarity in multi-gigapixel panoramas with the remarkable EPIC Pro. Strong enough to hold a camera and lens combination of up to 10 lbs., the Epic Pro will take hundreds, even thousands of detailed individual photos for one intricate gigapan. With the GigaPan Stitch software, these photos are efficiently combined into a seamless panorama and uploaded to, where you can view, share and explore. FEATURES: DSLR Compatible EPIC Pro works with almost all DSLR cameras.Large lenses are supportedCamera and lens combinations of up to 10 lbs can be used with the EPIC Pro.Precision accuracy Powered camera movement and simple fore/aft up/down adjustment for optimal positioning of the nodal point and varied camera/lens combinations.Quick set up Easy to secure EPIC Pro to tripod. Fits standard tripods with 1/4" thread.Onboard bubble level for horizontal alignment.Clear and simple to navigate menu Access frequently-used functions with the touch of a button, such as to move the camera or set the shutter delay.Screen is highly visible with back lit display.Strong and durable yet lightweight Excellent design with magnesium chassis and aluminum arm, the EPIC Pro weighs less than 8 lbs.Exposure Bracketing for HDR Capture

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