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  • The best way to store and display a handicap Card
  • Measures 13"L x 6 1/2"W
  • Color Black - Made of polyester
  • 2 Elastic Sun visor Straps with fabric pocket
  • Pivoting plastic sleeve secured with hook and loop strap.

Details: This unique sun visor accessory allows the easy storage and display of the state mandated handicap permit. Drivers and passengers that utilize the handicap parking spaces are required to have the state issued permit visible when parking in designated spaces. The Handicap visor pocket and displayer makes it convenient for the handicapped person to comply with displaying the permit. It makes it easy to store the permit and then display it from the same location; just pull the sun visor down. The handicapped parking permit which has been stored is now ready to swivel into display position. When no longer in use, it swivels back into rest position, as the sun visor is returned to original position. Handicap visor pocket improves safety. Color Black.