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  • SIMPLE REPAIR- Use the Quick-Fix Tape to easily repair breaks, tears, and cracks for pipes, tools, and similar items
  • QUICK & EASY FIX - Simply submerge the tape in warm water, wring out excess water, and wrap around the damaged area. In approximately 15 minutes, the item will be cured and ready to use
  • HIGHLY RESILIENT: The tape is waterproof and heat resistant for up to 300°F. Users can sand and paint over the item once the tape is set in
  • HAND PROTECTION: Protective gloves are included

Details: Use the Quick-Fix Tape as your easy repair solution for minor breaks, tears, and cracks. Simply add water and wrap, and your pipes, tools, or other items can be back in working condition within 2-5 minutes of activation. After placement, you can sand and paint over the tape for easy blend in. The Quick-Fix Tape provides waterproof capabilities and heat resistance for up to 300°F.