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The Sea Star Wave Rider is perfect for adding some extra fun to your beach or pool time. Whether catching waves on the lake or hanging out in the pool, the Sea Star Wave Rider is down for anything.

General Features

Inflated skirt for added stability
Repair Kit
2 heavy-duty rider handles
2 double valve air chambers
Bright colors and a visibility flag so it's easy to keep track of
Please note the Sea Star Wave Rider is not intended for use as a life saving device and is not intended for use on the open ocean. Always have an adult nearby when children are using the Sea Star Wave Rider.

Go in style with this 68" x 42" yellow wave rider, and show those waves whose boss. Has 2 heavy duty handles. Also 2 air chambers.

  • Includes a repair kit and a self box
  • Has 2 heavy duty handles
  • Also 2 air chambers
  • This fun rider seats 2 children and has a wide stable design
  • This is a 68" x 42", 12 gallon vinyl infaltable
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