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  • Flexible Power: Adapter, Built-In Solar Panel & Integrated Hand-Crank Dynamo
  • Stereo Speakers: AM/FM/NOAA Radio, Bluetooth Audio, SOS Alerts & Alarm Clock
  • LED Display: Time, Date, Weekday, Current Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
  • Telescoping Antenna: Get Better Reception in Emergencies & in Remote Areas
  • USB Port & Headphone Jack: Charge Mobile Devices & Enjoy Private Listening

  • Be prepared – and be entertained.
    This portable solar & dynamo-powered all-in-one from Ivation packs a number of crucial survival and entertainment utilities. By combining an AM/FM/NOAA radio,Bluetooth stereo speakers, a phone charger and more in one device, it gets you ready for the everyday and the emergency with equal ease. This is the perfect tool for the individual or the family planning a camping trip or a hiking escapade, as well as for the pro looking for a rugged radio and Bluetooth stereo speaker combo for active jobsites.

    Takes Power 3 Ways
    The battery keeps you going for hours on end. Better yet, it charges from 3 flexible sources: A USB cable to your computer or a wall outlet (adapter not included), the built-in 9V solar panel, or the integrated hand-cranking dynamo.

    Sings Loud & Clear
    With powerful built-in stereo drivers, it pumps out loud and clearly defined audio. Sources include AM/FM/NOAA radio, wireless music from your Bluetooth-enabled device, the built-in alarm clock feature, and available SOS alerts.

    Displays Time & Temp
    The large, clear, and easy-to-read LED display shows the current time, the current date and weekday, and even the current temperature – in either Celsius orFahrenheit units. The temperature gauge works both indoors and outdoors.

    Provides Power & Privacy
    With its built-in USB out port, you can charge your smartphone and other mobile devices directly from the internal battery. In addition, a 3.5mm headphone jack provides for private listening, so you can enjoy your music at any time, anywhere.

    Illuminates Every Environment
    Both a bright flashlight and a red SOS flashing light are integrated, as well as an extendable antenna for better reception in remote areas. The full device is also water-resistant, making this uniquely suited for jobsite and outdoor applications

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