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  • Automatic Watch Winder with Smooth, Gentle, Quiet Motor
  • Precision Watch Winder with Clockwise and Counterclockwise Rotation
  • Automatic 20-Minute Cycle Every 3 Hours
  • Red LED Clock with Seconds Display & Alarm Function
  • Adapter Included; 10-Second Power Memory

    Spins right round. Or left round. As today's most exquisite timepieces are fitted to advanced automatic, perpetual movements, using an automatic watch winder is imperative to maintain long-term accuracy. The newest Ivation„ iteration addresses the needs of the modern, discerning watch enthusiast. One key feature is that it allows you to choose between a clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, depending on your watch's particular winding requirements. Saves time. And your timepiece. The Ivation„ watch winder does all the winding for you, sparing you the time-consuming practice of hand-winding your timepieces. With regular use, it keeps your automatic watches wound and ready to wear when you need them. More important, however, is the unique design and automatic winding pattern. Many mainstream winders simply rotate continuously until you remove your watch. This has been known to cause 'overwinding', which gradually wears out the delicate watch movement. The Ivation„ intelligent IC timer smartly - and automatically - activates a 20-minute rotation cycle every 3 hours, ensuring a properly wound watch with no unnecessary movement wear.Clocks in when your watch is out. Tell time while your watch is in the winder using the built-in alarm clock. A 0.6-inch red LED panel displays current time complete with AM/PM and seconds, and standard alarm clock features make the Ivation„ watch winder the perfect night table accessory.

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