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  • Crystal-Clear Handheld Magnification up to 2.5X Original Object Size
  • High Quality Stainless Iron Construction w/Durable PMMA Acrylic Lens
  • Bright LED Bulb Integrated in Hinged Component for Manual Light Aim
  • Runs on 2 Standard CR2016 Button Cell Batteries; Features Slide Switch
  • Included Vinyl Sleeve Protects Lens from Scratching & Finger Smudges - Dimensions: 35/16" x 2 1/8" x 18"
  • Stop squinting. Start seeing Whether you often work with fine detail or are getting along in life and require a bit of assistance when reading, the Ivation pocket magnifier is an elegantly useful little helper that can often prove to be a literal eye opener. It is remarkably lightweight and enlarges document text, art detail, delicate mechanical components and a whole lot more up to 250% their actual size. It also easily slides into a shirt or jacket pocket, allowing you to procure it in an instant whenever an applicable occasion avails itself. Your purchase also includes a thin protective vinyl sleeve to keep smudges and scratches at bay. Pockets a nifty little light For all its slimness and razor-thin profile, the Ivation pocket magnifier boasts a bright white LED lamp for your magnification enjoyment. It is seamlessly designed as part of the hinged component that houses the chamber in which the button cell batteries are stored. The hinge allows you to direct and aim the light at your object of interest without the need to move the magnification lens away from an optimal position. Simply toggle the sleek metal slider switch, and see your subject in a different light. The batteries rarely need replacing thanks to the renowned power efficiency of LED bulb technology. An attractive, quality designYou are sure to appreciate the design of this magnifier for both durability and lightness. The one-piece rectangular lens is made from polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), a transparent, lightweight, shatter-resistant glass alternative thermoplastic. The lens is encased by a quality housing made of a stainless iron construction that holds up well to many years of continued use. The same material keeps the battery compartment out of sight until it needs to be accessed. All this fits in a package that measures roughly the size of your standard credit card.

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