Light Therapy System Red Blue Green Led Light For Acne, Wrinkles And Hyperpigmentation (White)

  • The revitalizing power of light has been harnessed into the handheld Light Therapy Beauty System so you can experience the complexion-enhancing benefits of an age-reducing dermatological spa treatment in the privacy of your own home.
  • The compact device with three detachable treatment heads is a high-tech, multitasking, age-zapping workhorse harnessing non-invasive and non-thermal single frequency light energy to treat acne and lighten age spots, freckles, and the dark splotchy blotches caused by hyperpigmentation.
  • With an appropriate LED treatment head shining its pure healing light onto your skin-targeted towards specific problem areas-a healthy and luminous complexion will gradually surface! Easy operation.
  • Cordless! Only 2 buttons operation and option for 5Htz Pulse mode. Built in 10 minute timer. Drug Free, Non Invasive Bio stimulation Therapy Device.
  • Lightweight, take it with you on trips!
  • 24 minutes each treatment(9 minute on pulsating, 15 minutes on constant), 7 usages a week and continues for 8 weeks for a total of 56 treatments. Directions for Use: For optimal results, follow procedures as follows on daily basis. Wash your face, neck with a good quality skin care product before using the Light, then, pat dry. Select the LED panel you would like to use. Insert the top part to fixer on handle first, then slightly press it to the unit with a click sound. Connect the AC adaptor to the bottom of the device and plug it into the wall socket. Place the LED panel directly on the skin. Treatment Phase 1: Pulsating Light Divide the fact into 3 sections: section 1 neck and chin; section 2 left and right face; section 3 forehead Power on the unit and press the Mode button on the handle to use the pulsating light. Start treatment at the base of the neck. Move the handle slowly and gently to other sections such as face and forehead in circular & upward movements, working each section for 3 minutes interval, for a total of 9 minutes. This model can also be used on other areas of your body such as your chest, hands, etc. Treatment Phase 2: Constant Light Divide the face into 5 sections: section 1: right neck; section 2: right face; section 3: forehead; section 4:left face; section 5: left neck Use Constant Light(press the Mode button on the handle once again) Use a glide, lift and hold technique for 3 minutes per section for a total of 15 minutes. (This device will automatically shut off after 24 minutes) Treatment Phase 3: Change LED panel If other LED panel is to be used, simply press the Detach Button to release the panel and apply another one instead.


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