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  • Telescoping Pole Saw Reaches 8.8 Feet to Provide 15' feet High Above Ground Reach to Cut Tall Branches Without a Ladder
  • Self-Tension Oregon Sawing Chain Measures 8" with a Powerful 6.5 Amp Electric Motor to Effortlessly Slice Through Thick and Thin Branches and Logs
  • Ergonomic Handle is Rubber Wrapped for Comfort and Reduced Hand Fatigue, Easy Flip and Lock Clamps Allow for Secure and Quick Adjusting of Pole Length
  • Automatic Lubrication System Keeps Chain Cutting Smoothly; BONUS Oil Bottle Included
  • Included Plastic Cover Slides Over Blade for Safety and Storage Throughout Winter, CSA Approved with 1 Year Warranty
  • Garden care is now within your reach.Tend to your shrubs, bushes and trees with the new Telescoping Self-Lubricating Electric Pole Chain Saw from Ivation and make easy work of manicuring your entire garden. Packing a powerful yet lightweight motor that's rated at an impressive 6.5 amps, our chain saw handles everything from gentle trimming to full-on stump making with equal ease. It's also mindfully powered by electricity rather than gas in a spirit of environmental consciousness. After all, what you want is to beautify your green garden - not to kill it off. No Ladder RequiredAccomplish all the cutting without any of the climbing. The telescoping handle extends to a total reach of over 8 feet, enabling you to reach tall branches and twigs without the need for a ladder. It's also perfect for reaching over the hedge. Self-Tensioning ChainMeasuring a full 8 inches, the sawing chain effortlessly slices through everything from weeds to solid woods. The chain is also equipped with an advanced self-tensioning mechanism, requiring little to no maintenance after initial assembly. Reduced Hand VibrationsCombining the handle's ergonomic profile with a soft rubber wrap improves comfort over prolonged use periods. The rubber also reduces the transfer of the chainsaw's vibrations to your hands. Built-In Lubrication TankThe oil tank holds 80ml and the internal lubrication system automatically applies the oil as needed to keep the chain running smoothly. A small window on the side of the chainsaw serves as an oil level gauge, and a BONUS bottle oil is included. Oregon Bar with CoverThe Oregon bar and chain are proven to last and last - through many years of happy garden maintenance. For safety and optimal storage during the winter months, the included plastic cover slides over the bar and chain for full coverage.

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