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  • This Speaker Has Exceptional Clarity of Sound and a Built-in Amplifier for a Surprisingly Loud Volume
  • Connect any MP3 player or phone VIA the 3.5mm AUX cable
  • Also has a built in USB reader that allows you to play / pause / forward / reverse audio from any USB device
  • Includes a 1000mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery for up to 15 hours of continues play
  • Sturdy case stores your Sunglasses, phone or MP3 Device and protects it from shock and weather

    It's a bike-mounted music player... You'll be surprised at this speaker's exceptional sound quality, as well as its size-to-volume ratio that's thanks to an onboard amplifier. It connects to any phone or Mp3 player with a standard 3.5mm jack. The speaker's external volume controls work in auxiliary mode, and a headphone jack offers private listening. While designed for bicycles, the speaker is a wonderful music companion that's perfect for travel, beach-going and jogging. 3 Velcro straps mount it to your bike handlebar, your belt, pocketbook or knapsack. ...and a USB and SD card player... Your music device has no auxiliary input? Well, don't stop the party! This Ivation speaker is smart enough to sport a USB interface that enables MP3 music playback from USB sticks and thumb drives. You can even connect an SD card reader (with a USB adapter). When using USB, all of the speaker's external audio controls are in function: Play, pause, forward, rewind and volume up and down. Note: The USB interface does not work with an iPod or iPhone. To stream audio from your iPhone, connect it with the auxiliary cable. ...and a protective hard case/pouch... In addition to its music-playing abilities it is designed as a bike-mounted protective pouch and carrying case. The case features a sturdy exterior and a roomy, no-scratch interior where you can store your phone, mp3 player, SD card reader, headphones, sunglasses and other on-the-go items. It provides protection from shock and weather, while a quality zipper closure offers easy access even while riding.

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