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  • Comfortable Remote Control Features Impressive 300 feet (100-Meter) Flight Control Range
  • Advanced 6-Axis Control System Makes for Dynamically Thrilling Flight Operation
  • Instant Video Streams to Remote & is Recorded to MicroSD Card (Not Included)
  • Lightweight Airframe Improves Battery Life & Remains Durable Flight After Flight
  • Compact Design Aids Agility in Flight & Adds Convenience When Transporting

    Ready to tap into your inner pilot? Enjoy the amusement and exhilaration of remote-controlled flight with this Ivation Quadcopter! The versatile copter features an innovative remote controller with a built-in video screen for active flight visuals in real time. The small, lightweight copter design also adds agility and control without sacrificing durability, helping prolong the lifeof the rechargeable battery. And for bragging rights, you can record your airborne adventures straight to a microSD card (not included) for viewing on the remote or your computer. 100-Meter Control Range Fly as far as your imagination takes you with an impressive remote-controlled range of 100 meters. Not only does the extended range help you travel farther but also higher up, all while you retain control right in the palm of your hand. Four Powerful Motors With four exterior motors and top-wing-mounted rotors, takes off and changes direction with incredible speed and precision. In addition, the flight control system offers 6-axis gyro stabilization for aggressive yet stable movement. Live-Streaming Video Enjoy first-person video of your aerodynamic adventures that streams live from up to 100 meters away. The remote's built-in display offers real-time viewing, and a microSD card slot enables recording for review on the remote or your computer. Large-Capacity Battery The included rechargeable 3.7V LiPo battery packs a generous 380mAh capacity and features power cutoff. Rapid-charge it in as little as 30 minutes with the included USB cable, and enjoy 7 full minutes of flight time and active recording. Sleek, Compact Design Slightly larger than your average palm, the quadcopter is designed to be compact enough for travel. Another nicety is the LED indicator, which allows you to practice flight and maintain a good visual any time of the day or night.

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