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  • 3-Part Repeller System Uses Ultrasonic, Sonic & LED Technologies to Scare off Annoying Wildlife
  • Powerful, Effective Pest Solution Drives Away Fauna Up to a Range of 5,000 Square Feet
  • Advanced Motion Detector Activates at First Sign of Movement; Just Set It & Forget It
  • Sturdy Outdoor Design Endures the Harshest Elements & Can Be Left Out in all 4 Seasons
  • Family-Safe Repellent is Non-Chemical; Eliminates Danger & Reduces Ecological Impact
  • Rid your yard of unwanted wildlife without lifting a finger. Are pests proving a problem? Are deer ruining your garden, raccoons raiding your garbage, and bears lumbering onto your gazebo? The highly effective, non-chemical Outdoor Animal and Pest Repeller from Ivation is here to solve your problems and restore your sanity safely and with no harm to the wildlife. This complete system uses a trio of technologies-ultrasonic, sonic, and flashing LED-to drive away all sorts of animals, and is powerful enough to provide coverage of five thousand square feet. It's also equipped with a smart motion sensor, so it stands guard over your property day and night. What You Get 1 Ivation Outdoor Animal & Pest Repeller 1 plug-in power adapter 1 steel stake mount The comfort to reclaim your backyard Specs & Details Dimensions - 4.3" x 4.3" x 7.6" Weight - 1.1 lbs. Range - 5,000 sq ft. Material - Plastic and metal Runs on 9-volt battery How to Enjoy Remove all packaging and insert 9-volt battery as indicated Drive stake into yard or place on patio (use included power adapter) Kick back, relax, and enjoy your yard animal- and pest-free

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