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Ivation 2-in-1 Vinyl Record Cleaning Brush with Carbon Fiber and Velvet Brushes Includes Swivel Cover & Stand for Secure Storage

by Ivation
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  • CLEANER RECORD, CLEARER SOUND | 2-in-1 Cleaning Brush Eliminates Built-Up Dust, Dirt & Static Electricity from the Vinyl Record’s Surface for Smoother Playing & Long-Lasting Performance
  • ANTI-STATIC CARBON FIBER BRISTLES | Double Row of Carbon Fiber Filaments Fit Into the Record’s Tiny Grooves to Prevent Static Charge & Purge Built-Up Grime for a Better Listening Experience
  • VELVET BRUSH FOR DUSTING | Soft, Silky Fabric Clings to Dust, Dander, Dirt & Harmful Particles to Keep Records in Pristine Condition Without Scratching, Gouging & Other Damage
  • CONVENIENT SWIVEL COVER | Built-In Protector Moves Back & Forth to Shield Each Side of the Brush While Not in Use | Simply Rotate to Switch From Carbon Fiber Bristles to Velvet Cloth Strip
  • HANDY STORAGE STAND | Bonus Platform Securely Houses the Vinyl Brush for Many Years of Reliable Use | Perfect for Displaying Next to Your Record Player for Easy, Effective, Everyday Cleaning

Details: Vinyl lovers: Get into the groove!
Old 33s, 45s and 78s sound amazing, but they're notoriously difficult to maintain. Now, with this 2-in-1 Vinyl Record Brush from Ivation, you can turn the table on your favorite phonograph discs! Thanks to its dual-sided design, the brush simultaneously removes both dust and static, resulting in a smoother listening experience. Keep your music in peak condition for decades and decades to come with carbon fiber's powerful anti-static action, while velvet's silky soft texture picks up dust from deep within the record's grooves. With Ivation innovation, classic sound is finally easy to clean! Add a 2-in-1 Vinyl Record Brush to your cart today!

2-in-1 Cleaning Action - Unlike traditional tech brushes, ours is specially designed for the unique needs of vinyl. Thousands of tiny carbon fibers help eliminate static electricity, while a smooth velvet strip takes care of built-up dust, dirt and grime.
Carbon Fiber Bristles - Records are highly susceptible to static due to their vinyl construction and the traction produced while spinning. Carbon fiber helps eliminate the audible 'popping' during playback for crisper, clearer sound.
Velvet Dusting Strip - The opposite side of the tool features a velvet record brush, which extracts dust, dirt and other particles from deep within the record's grooves. The soft surface can also be used for cleaning with liquid solutions.
Rotating Swivel Cover - A movable cover helps keep the brush in tiptop shape. Rotate the protector from side to side to access the carbon fiber bristles or velvet cleaning strip; its ergonomic design provides a better grip while you clean.
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