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Ivation 320,000 BTU Propane Torch, Heavy Duty Weed Burner, Extra Long 12’ Hose, Adjustable Flame Control, Outdoor Weed Killer for Weeds, Snow Melting, Roofing, Roads & More

by Ivation
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    • HIGH-POWERED PROPANE TORCH | Multipurpose Gas-Powered Device Delivers Up to 320,000 BTU Heat for a Wide Variety of Applications Including Killing Weeds, Roofing, Welding, Soldering, Melting Snow & Ice, Thawing Pipes, Wood Treatment, Asphalt Paving, Burning Brush Piles & Other Professional & Home Improvement Projects
    • ADJUSTABLE HIGH-VOLUME FLAME | Manual Ignition Requires Just a Simple Striker for High-Temperature Flame in Seconds! | Hook to Any Compatible Propane Tank/Cylinder & Spark Flint for Continuous Heat Up to [1] Hour | Integrated Valve Allows You to Customize & Control Flame Output with Maximum Size of 2’3”
    • ERGONOMIC COMFORT & MOBILITY | Premium Outdoor Blowtorch is Designed for Improved Maneuverability, Durability & Burn/Fire Protection with Built-In Safety Trigger, Extra Long 12’ Hose & Comfort Grip Handle that Stays Cool to the Touch | Enjoy More Room to Move & Operate Flame Thrower Compared to Competitors
    • EXCEPTIONAL FLAME CONTROL | Precision Nozzle with Adjustable Flame Allows for Amazing Scalability, Handling Everything from Large Landscaping Projects to More Precise Treatment | Chemical-Free, Pass Flamer Slowly Across Target to Evaporate Instantly
    • POWERFUL HEAT FOR ANY INDUSTRY | Blast Through Any Job Whether You’re Welding Metals, Repairing Asphalt, Melting Ice, Processing Wood | Lightweight, Compact System is Perfect for Construction, Garden & Farm Work, Plumbing, Roadwork, Dehairing, Creative Arts & Beyond

Details: Weeds gone with the wave of a wand. Handle any high-heat project with the Ivation Heavy-Duty Propane Torch. This versatile weed burner delivers a powerful, dependable flame up to 2’3” with 320,000 BTU maximum heat intensity. Whether you’re clearing sprouts in sidewalks, welding metal, melting ice, or doing roofing repair, a built-in control knob allows for easy flame adjustment. Scorch huge sections of asphalt, sweep your entire driveway, or zero in on small cracks and crevices without damaging surrounding landscape. The handheld torch also features a lightweight, ergonomic handle, integrated safety trigger, and flexible 10’ propane hose for comfortable maneuvering in any setting. And with our simple manual start ignition, you can start burning, soldering, thawing, and melting anywhere, as long as you have a striker on hand. Get fired up—add an Ivation Propane Torch to your cart today! A trailblazer among torches The Ivation Heavy-Duty Propane Torch is the hottest (and safest) flame thrower on the block, delivering intense heat for a variety of high-temperature applications. From welding and woodworking to pipe thawing, our versatile blowtorch arrives fully assembled and ready for instant heating action. Take advantage of precise flame adjustment for all kinds of projects, and work confidently knowing our built-in safety trigger protects against accidental burning. No matter your heating needs, you’re free to fire away! Generous 12’ Hose The longest on the market! Our 12-foot gas hose offers extensive reach, easy maneuverability, reliable corrosion resistance for large-scale outdoor projects. 320K BTU Power Talk about a heatwave! Despite its compact styling, the weed burner puts out an impressive high-volume flame capable of melting, cutting, thawing, burning, and beyond.