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Ivation Bulb Duster Insecticide Sprayer – Handheld, 12" Extendable Applicator for Pesticides, Diatomaceous Earth & Other Home Powder Applications – Non-Toxic, All-Natural Bugs & Pest Control – Large

by Ivation
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  • VERSATILE HANDHELD BULB DUSTER – Multipurpose Pest Control Tool Dispenses Insecticides, Pesticides, Diatomaceous Earth & Other Powder Applications
  • TARGETS HARD-TO-REACH SPACES – Delivers Concentrated Puff of Powder Perfect for Small Corners & Crevices; Simply Fill With Powder, Point & Squeeze
  • 12” EXTENSION ROD – Curved Nozzle & Brass Extension Rod Enable Fast, Clean, Easy Dusting at Short & Long Range; Great for Baseboards, Windows & Doors
  • COMPACT, LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN – Flexible Bulb Holds 14oz of Powder & Provides Ergonomic Comfort for Treating Plants, Insects & Pests Both Indoors & Out

Details: Target pests and plants with a powerful puff of powder!
Scattering pesticides can be a downright dirty and dangerous job. Keep your hands clean and houseplants healthy with this Insecticide Duster from Ivation. Featuring an ample 14oz squeezable bulb, 12" extension rod and convenient curved nozzle, this greenhouse essential lets you target the tiniest of crevices and narrowest of corners with ease and comfort. Whether you're protecting vegetation from harmful pests or ridding your space of fleas, roaches or bedbugs, the solution is as simple as fill, point and squeeze. Our tool's unique design delivers a highly concentrated puff of powder that's far safer and more effective than spreading by hand or spray bottle!

Use with powdered insecticides and pesticides
Compact, ergonomic design for comfortable use
Easy to use and aim
Nozzle cap for non-spill storage
Durable construction
Use with powdered insecticides and pesticides
Curved nozzle and 12" brass extension rod
Holds 14 oz. of powder
Nozzle cap for non-spill storage

Pesticide/insecticide not included

- Squeeze-Bulb Duster
- Cap
- Curved Nozzle
- 12" Extension Rod
- Nozzle Cap

Materials: Premium rubber bulb, zinc alloy cap, brass nozzle and extension rod
Powder capacity: 14 oz. (1 cup)
Dimensions: 4.2" x 3.5" x 14"
Weight: 1.1 lbs.