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Ivation Electric Charcoal Chimney Starter, Portable Plug-in Firestarter for Coal, Charcoal & Briquettes—No Matches or Lighters | Steel Caddy, Heat Shield & Wooden Stay-Cool Handle

by Ivation
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Original price $34.99
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  • HOT CHARCOAL IN 10 MINUTES | NEW Innovative 800W Electric Chimney Starter Requires No Messy Newspaper, Lighter Fluid, Cones, Torches, Matches, or Manual Work—Just Plug In for Safe, Fast Smoldering Action! | Enjoy Rapid Fire Results When Barbecuing, Grilling, or Smoking with Lump Charcoal, Natural Coal & Briquettes
  • SUPERSIZED COAL CADDY | Durable 12” x 7.5” Steel Can Holds Enough Charcoal to Heat Most Popular Portable Grills, Backyard Barbecues, Camping Stoves & Other Large Setups | Simply Place the Device Atop Grill, Fill with Coals or Briquettes, Spread Evenly Across Heating Grate, Connect Power Cord & Ignite in Seconds!
  • MOVABLE HANDLE WITH SHIELD | Keep a Secure, Flexible Grip Throughout the Lighting & Pouring Process | Durable Handle Stays Cool to the Touch, Provides Superior Control & Includes a Built-In Heat Shield to Protect Hands from Flame | Rust-Resistant Steel Metal Construction Stands Up to Extreme Temperature & Wear
  • EXTRA-LONG 58” POWER CORD | Extended Wall Cable Enables Flexible Reach So You Can Use Your Firestarter in Any Location with Access to a Power Outlet or Gas Generator | Perfect for Park, Backyard, Patio, Barrel, Ceramic & Kettle Grills; Tailgate Charcoal Smokers & Grills; & Other Popular Travel Barbecues & Stoves
  • UL CERTIFIED FOR FIRE SAFETY | Heavy-Duty Construction & Premium Design Help Prevent Fire, Dangerous Burns & Other Accidents When Cooking Outside | Flameless, Odorless, Kindling-Free System Also Improves the Taste of Food While Speeding Up the Process & Keeping Your BBQ Grill & Campsite Safe & Clean