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Ivation Insect Buster Powder Duster | Bulb Duster, Insecticide Applicator, Dispenser for Diatomaceous Earth and Other Powdered Insecticides and Pesticides | Non-Toxic and Natural
  • NON-TOXIC, NATURAL AND SAFE - Of course you can use the INSECT BUSTER for any powdered insecticide, but why would you want to use anything toxic? Use Diatomaceous Earth to protect yourself and your family. With food grade DE Powder, you can safely use this tool in the kitchen and around food. DIATOMACEOUS EARTH NOT INCLUDED.
  • COMPACT SIZE AND EASY TO USE - Some bulb dusters are just too big, and this can make them harder to use. The INSECT BUSTER is a touch smaller and is specifically designed for indoor use, smaller hands and tight places, but you can use it anywhere (even if you have bigger hands). Despite its compact size, it still holds more than 8oz. of powder, and with the 7" brass extension rod, you can dust anywhere in your home (and keep plenty of space between you and the bugs).
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION AND DESIGN - No plastic parts. Only High Grade Rubber, Aluminum Lid, and a Brass Dispenser. We even included a funnel to easily fill your bulb duster. To dispense larger, more granular insecticides, simply remove the tip and use the extension rod by itself. Easy to squeeze. Much cleaner and easier than dispersing by hand. Store the Diatomaceous Earth (DE Powder) inside the INSECT BUSTER so you are always prepared.
  • SAVE MONEY - With the INSECT BUSTER you are the professional, and being bug-free has never been easier! Just apply the dust in the strategic places we outline for you in our follow-up email and be completely bug free. No more food destroying, wood consuming, or blood sucking insects. Target bedbugs, fleas, ticks, spiders, cockroaches, earwigs, silverfish, scorpions, ants, beetles, mites, moths, bees, wasps, hornets, and more.
  • NEW IMPROVEMENTS - 1. Bigger funnel with wider openings for less mess and ease of use. 2. A slightly larger opening in the tip to decrease clumps and clogs. 3. A clear piece of vinyl tubing that slips over the brass tip to help get your DE Powder around hard to reach corners.

Safely and cleanly dispense powdered pesticides and insecticides (not included) with this easy-to-use bulb duster. Simply squeeze the bulb to deliver a concentrated puff of powder. A 7" brass extension rod and a flexible tube let you zero in on targeted areas and reach baseboards, crevices, rodent burrows, and other hard-to-reach spaces. 

• Use with powdered insecticides and pesticides 
• Compact, ergonomic design for comfortable use 
• Easy to use and aim 
• Curved nozzle and 7" brass extension rod 
• Holds 8 oz. of powder 
• Easy to fill with wide-mouth funnel 
• Nozzle cap for non-spill storage 
• Durable construction

Pesticide/insecticide not included 

- Squeeze-Bulb Duster 
- Aluminum Cap 
- Funnel 
- Curved Nozzle 
- 7" Extension Rod 
- Nozzle Cap

Materials: Premium rubber bulb, zinc alloy cap, brass nozzle and extension rod 
Powder capacity: 8 oz. (1 cup) 
Dimensions: 3" x 3" x 8" 
Weight: 0.5 lbs.