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Ivation Wine Aerator in Gift Box – Premium Wine Aerating Pourer Spout Decanter Gadget with Gift Box - 3 Pack

by Ivation
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  • DELUXE BULK WINE AERATOR GIFT SET | Premium Aerating Gadget Plugs Into Any Bottle Like a Cork to Enhance Wine’s Aroma, Texture & Taste | Includes [3] Aerator Pourers in Decorative Box – A Wine Lover’s Dream!
  • DIRECT DECANTING FROM BOTTLE TO GLASS | Aerator Introduces the Ideal Amount of Oxygen To Wine, Allowing it to ‘Breathe’ for Maximum Results | Bring Out Fuller, More Expressive Flavor in Your Favorite Red, White or Rosé Variety
  • LEAK-PROOF WITH RUBBER SEAL | No More Messy Splashes, Spills or Leaks! Aerator’s Rubber Gasket Creates an Airtight Seal in Bottle & Regulates Flow for the Perfect Pour, Every Time | Extends the Life of Wine Throughout Service
  • ELEGANT EASY-CLEAN SPOUT | Durable, High-Quality Acrylic Pourer Provides Better Pouring Accuracy for Entertaining Friends & Customers | Super Sanitary Materials Are Simple to Clean & Dry & Won’t Alter Wine’s Natural Taste
  • DECORATIVE PACKAGE FOR GIFTING | Mini Decanters Arrive in a Gorgeous Box & Present Beautifully for a Wine Enthusiast’s Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Hanukkah, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Retirement, Holiday & Beyond

Details: Cheers to the ultimate aerating gadget!
Discover a superior sipping experience with this deluxe Wine Aerator 3-Pack Gift Set from Ivation. As a pourer and decanter all-in-one, the device inserts directly into your bottle, oxidizing wine for improved flavor and aroma. An airtight gasket prevents pesky spills, while the spout's elegant curved design improves pouring accuracy. Whether you're shopping for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or another special occasion, sleek lines, simple operation and sophisticated packaging make this every wine lover's essential. Just pick up a nice bottle of white or red, and add this Wine Aerator Gift Set from Ivation to your cart today!

One Step to Better Wine
Serious oenophiles know that wine tastes better once it's been exposed to air. But instead of waiting for it to sit overnight in a decanter, this simple device speeds up the process. As wine moves through the pourer's aerating chamber, an infusion of bubbles help it 'breathe,' resulting in improved taste and aroma.

Elegant & Ergonomic Design
The premium aerator fits into most bottles just like a stopper, so you can play sommelier without the need for multiple gadgets. Impress guests as you pour and aerate in a single step. The clear acrylic spout allows you to watch the decanting process while enabling better pouring precision.

Leak-Proof System
The base features airtight rubber elements and a flexible gasket to prevent spills and splashes. Transfer wine from bottle to glass, and move confidently from guest to guest without worrying about staining clothing or fine table linens.

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