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  • IPX4 Splashproof Construction
  • Cool Tuner and Volume Selection Wheels
  • 2 AA Alkaline Battery (Not Included)
  • External Antenna Hidden in Hanging Strap
  • Measures 90mm x 90mm x 49mm

    Run to the beat! For the avid sportsman, our Ivation Runner's Radio steps up to the plate and delivers reliable AM/FM radio anywhere from the shower to the Swiss alps. The device is splash-proof thanks to IPX4 waterproof construction.Operation is incredibly simple and even fun: Our design team worked on developing an infallible controls system that is readily accessible at all times, including during a vigorous half-mile sprint. The housing on the front of the Runner's Radio incorporates two independent rotating selection wheels. The center one is colored and serves as a simple volume dial: spin clockwise to crank it up, counterclockwise to turn it down. The outer ring acts as an accurate AM/FM tuner that lets you quickly run through channels, and a separate click-knob makes it easy to switch between AM and FM. To address the weak signal/signal-loss issue common with small portable radios, we chose to pair the Runner's Radio with an external antenna. External antennae have a reputation for stronger reception and uninterrupted streaming. But of course, we implemented the antenna in a clever, Ivation-true way: As we anyway fitted the Runner's Radio with a hanging/wearing strap, we brilliantly built the antenna into the tip of the strap, where it meets the device. Radio frequency: 540-1600Khz AM, 88-108Mhz FM. Uses two AA alkaline batteries.

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