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  • SOUS VIDE COOKING (vacuum bag precision cooking) creates a RELAXING, EASY and PRACTICAL cooking experience, serving you the healthiest most nutritious and delicious tasting food. Simply seal your ingredients in a food-safe bag (vacuum sealer sold separately VSP180) and place it in the Ivation water bath oven. Once the food reaches the target temperature and set time, remove your delicacy, sear it, or just serve as is.
  • REVITALIZE your HEALTH and ENERGY: By sealing your food while cooking, at a precise low temperature, this maximizes your ability to retain precious nutrients and mineral otherwise lost in traditional cooking methods. Prevention of overcooking is an added benefit, overcooking and overheating your food can create harmful chemical toxins such as Acrylamide. Sous Vide prevents these bacteria while ultimately serving you the healthiest and most nutritious meals.
  • DELICIOUS FOOD TASTE: Cooking the food vacuum sealed at a low temp, creates a fully humid environment that effectively braises the food, infusing and retaining all its robust delicious flavors and spices, resulting with the most tasty & delicious meals ever.
  • DESIRED TEXTURE: The Suvee defining feature of accurate temperature control, allows you to cook food to an even doneness all the way through, no dry edges and rare centers, resulting with the best food texture ever. Will also keep the food intact and visually appealing as its taste, EYE CRAVING, mouthwatering, your toughest cut steak will emerge tender, juicy, with full color and body.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: 100% Customer Satisfaction GUARANTEED, if you are not completely satisfied, we will give you a hassle free refund. SPECIAL FUTURES: Digital timer and controls, Large, easy-to-read LCD, Audible doneness alert, Large window lid for easy viewing, Temp range: 100å¡F to 205å¡F, 9 Quart (cooking capacity: 6.5 q - 6.1L), Includes: Tongs & Food pouch rack.
  • SOUS VIDE cooking method, long favored by professional chefs, entails placing airtight, sealed foods in a heated water bath, (vacuum sealer sold separately VSP180) and slowly cooking them at precisely controlled temperatures. Foods tenderize in their own juices, retaining their flavors and nutrients. Sous Vide gives you results you just can't achieve with other cooking methods, especially when cooking meats, poultry and fish to perfection. Traditional cooking will most likely result with 40% of the food overcooked, while the sous vide will yield a juicier finish that is done to perfection from edge to edge. Sous Vide lets you relax and devote your attention to the more interesting and creative aspects of cooking, freeing the cook from the tyranny of the clock. Sous Vide is especially useful for cooking meats and seafood, for which the window of proper doneness is often vanishingly small when traditional methods are used, Cook your beef short ribs braised at 58å¡C / 136å¡F for 72 hours are melt-in-your-mouth tender, yet pink and juicy. And the delicate, custard-like texture of an egg poached at precisely 65å¡C / 149å¡F is amazing. Contents:Sous Vide cooker with lid Tongs Food pouch rack User Guide/Cooking Guide Specifications: Power rating: 120V/60Hz Power output: 520W Temperature range: 100å¡F - 205å¡F (37.7å¡C - 96.1å¡C) Temperature accuracy: +/- 1 degree Timer: 30 min. to 99 hrs. in 30 min. intervals Dimensions: 16.8" x 11" x 8.4" (42.6 x 28.3 x 21.3cm) Weight: 7.1 lbs. (3.25kg) Cord length: 2.6 ft. (.8m) NOTE: Foods must be vacuum-packed or sealed airtight in food-safe pouches before cooking. Do not attempt to cook foods that are not in bags. 100% Customer Satisfaction GUARANTEED, if you are not completely satisfied, we will give you a hassle free refund. ADD TO CART NOW!

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