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  • Wear your workout wherever you go!
  • Worn discreetly under everyday clothing
  • Fits calves 14.5-18" Set of 2 (Size Large/XL)
  • Weights adjustable for a customized workout 24oz.-40oz.
  • Provides an all day exercise equal to a 2-mile run

    Workout without even knowing it . Now there is no excuse for not exercising. Burn calories, get healthy, lose weight and feel great about yourself without changing your daily routine due to the life-changing power of the slim-fitting, leg weights. Adjustable weights for a customized workout 24oz-40oz. Sleeves go undetected beneath clothing and provide an all day exercise equal to a two-mile run. Polyester, velcro, weights. fits calves 14.5"-18". Size Large/XL. Set of 2.

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