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  • 4X LARGER: Large nine inch design makes for larger and colder ice cubes. The design is built to keep your drink colder for longer than the average ice cube. Transform your ice cubes to four times the size
  • NO-SPILL FILL UP: The easy to fill design makes it easy and no spill every time. Simply put on the lid and detach the cover and pour directly through there. No spill ever time
  • FLEX TRAY: Soft, flexible tray allows for the cubes to pop our easily. No hitting or fighting with the tray because the ice pops out instantly
  • Available in Blue and Red

    Everyone loves a cold drink. Wouldn't it be better if that drink of yours could stay cold longer? Well, now it can! With Handy Gourmet's new Large Ice Cube tray the ice cubes are 4X larger than normal ice cubes. Keeping your drink cold much longer. Filling up can be a hustle but, not with the easy-fill lid. The lid has an access fill up spot to make no mess every time. No spill everytime!

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