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  • EASY POUR LID: The innovative new design allows you to easily pour directly from the storage container. Simply pop up the corner of the lid and a perfectly sized pour opening appears.
  • COMPACT STORAGE: Interlocking design makes them stackable for modular compact storage. Each container you stack will fit perfectly with the other ones allowing for maximum space reduction.
  • MEASUREMENT MARKINGS- On the side of the container there are measurement marks which show how much you have left or how much more you need.
  • Includes 3 containers and 3 lids: Comes with a small, medium, and large sized container all with corresponding EZ pour lids.

    These new EZ pour containers by Handy Gourmet will free up your time and your dishwasher. Store your food safely then when it is time for use, open the ez pour lid and easily pour your ingredient out of the container. Not only does this container serve as an EZ pour device it will also show how much is in your container and how much you need with the Measurements printed on the side.

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